Local Restaurant Transforms Lunch Program

Silvergreens has transformed lunchtime with its delivery of fresh and healthy meals.

“I really think that they have stepped it up, and it is now an enjoyable experience,” sophomore Spenser Wyatt said.

The process of getting lunch is much faster because of the online ordering process.

To place an order, students go to the Silvergreens’ website, make an account, and order their meal at least two days in advance. The menu changes daily. Students can order for an entire month in advance.

Sophomore Martin Barnick said, “[The school lunch program] is organized, quick, and it is easy to grab.”

The program appeals to a larger group of students because of its varied menu which includes sandwiches, salads, pastas and soups, as well as healthy sides like celery and peanut butter or pop chips. There are also plenty of vegetarian options.

In reference to the menu sophomore Juliana Ozur said, “[The menu] is really big so you have a lot of choices and it changes daily.”

“It’s definitely better than it was [last year]. Silvergreens has really good food… I’m happy it changed,” said Ozur.

Last year’s lunch program was provided by Green ‘n’ Tasty, which consisted of a mobile kitchen.

The students would order when they got to the truck and the line was known to back up and take a really long time which left students less time to eat.

Spenser Wyatt said, “I think its much better this year, last year was fine . This year is very good.”