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A New Kind of Learning

A New Kind of Learning

Phoebe Stein and Nafisah Fathima

April 29, 2019

Days spent learning, exploring and making memories. Nights by the fire, singing, talking and becoming a family. Through the Idaho-based Alzar School, this is exactly how Kate Spaulding spent the first six months of her sophomore year. Alzar School provides an alternative education which rivals that o...

Read It and Weep: Coping with the Thin Envelope

Read It and Weep: Coping with the Thin Envelope

April 23, 2014

Nearly every single human being on the planet has been rejected in some way or another at some point in his or her life. Rejection is a difficult thing to cope with, especially in terms of the college application process. High school seniors spend years preparing to apply to their dream schools—fr...

Importance of iPads in the Classroom

January 18, 2013

Surely by now, most students at Laguna are noticing the changes around campus. We have a new library for the first time in nearly sixty years, more students are being accommodated with online classes, and, most notably, there are quite a few more iPads on campus this year. “I like to see us as a p...

Hawthorne Inspires Next Generation of Journalists


December 2, 2011

Known to former journalism teacher Howard Spanogle as the “guru of modern journalistic writing” and to director of the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association Cheryl Pell as the “godfather of scholastic journalism,”  Bobby Hawthorne is redefining journalism for the next generation. Mr. Hawthorne...

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