Fifth edition of the event features our own Dylan Charney and Mr. Silva, inspiring community by highlighting transformation.

Magdalena Amezaga

On February 1, TEDxLagunaBlancaSchool hosted its fifth annual event. “Metamorphosis” was the theme, representing development and change. With a beautifully decorated floral stage and a sharp logo featuring a light bulb and butterfly, the day inspired us to view the world from fresh perspectives. There were 15 speakers during the event, including the always-wise Mr. Silva going deep about philosophy, and junior Dylan Charney, who gave a talk called “Why I Still Go to Church.”

“I chose to talk about religion because it has been a fundamental part of my childhood and who I am now, and I feel that in the present day, many people are turning away from religion,” he said. “New advances in science, numerous evils committed by many religious institutions, etc., have had an effect on people. Because of this, I wanted to share the benefits that I myself have gotten from my experience in the Church.”

As always, the audience was treated to a wide spectrum of interesting humans on stage. Drag performer Vivian Storm sang beautifully and spoke of her journey to self-discovery. Jillian Walsh spoke as a mother grieving the tragic death of her daughter and the lessons she has learned from the loss. Adrienne Smith shared what it has taken to become the world’s best wide receiver in women’s tackle football, and John Sant’Ambrogio played his cello, which is over 300 years old.

The event was the product of months of hard work from TEDx students and advisors, securing speakers and funding while planning the day meticulously.
“It is one of my favorite classes of the day,” said Operations lead Sarah Woodhouse, whose team oversaw all of the logistical working parts of the event and coordinated vendors including catering, audio-visual, chairs, tables, etc.

“Learning how to communicate with such organizations is a lesson that many students need to learn but never have the chance, and this course has given me and 33 others students this amazing opportunity,” she said.