Staff of the Issue: Salvador Trujillo

Dedicated facilities worker, Salvador Trujillo gives the inside scoop into his life after working at the school for almost a decade.

Sofia Ramirez

Q: You have been a dedicated member of the school community for as long as any student can remember, how many years have you been working at Laguna Blanca?
A: I have been working for Laguna Blanca school for nine years now.


Q: Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
A: One of the things I really like is being part of the Laguna Blanca community.


Q: You have worked at Laguna for quite some time now, out of all your years what has been the biggest crisis you have faced?
A: One of the biggest crises I have faced was COVID-19. I thought it was never going to end!


Q: After working at Laguna for so many years you have gotten to know the campus better than any student, what is the hardest part of keeping our school clean?
A: One of the challenges is having everything ready for the students, like blowing, and sweeping. It is very important to me that the parents come and see the school clean. Some might ask, what is he doing standing there? Well, I have to stop the blower when I see the parents and students coming to be respectful and then I continue. That is definitely the biggest challenge: keeping the school clean for the students.


Q: Could you tell the Laguna community a bit about your early life before you came to the school?
A: I grew up down in Mexico with my parents, I learned the things I know there. I know how to do [my job] because they taught me how to down in Mexico.


Q: Despite being on campus every day many students don’t personally know you, could you tell us some of your hobbies and activities you do outside of Laguna?
A: I don’t have many hobbies, but I like to play basketball, and take walks because I like to see nature. I live in Lompoc, and every day my wife and my kid–I only have one kid–tell me, hey it must be annoying commuting from Lompoc to Santa Barbara. I say no because every day to me is different, when I’m coming this way it is all different because I choose to see the day differently.


Q: What is your favorite part about living in Santa Barbara?
A: My favorite part of living in Santa Barbara is working at Laguna!


Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Laguna?
A: Everything. I love every part of what I do here, especially getting to see the students around campus.