No Business Like Show Business: Laguna’s Multi-School Musical Review

Songs from Hadestown, Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, and more made up the collaborative musical show, There’s No Business like Show Business, in Laguna’s Spaulding Theater.

Dionne Peterson

During the pandemic, Covid-19, the performing arts completely shut down, leaving eager casts and audiences alike disappointed after months of waiting and preparing for their shows. As the draped red curtains remained shut for months, in late 2021, the CDC finally gave the all-clear for the performing arts to return. Although performers still were obligated to wear masks while singing, it was a huge strive for the arts as performers were finally able to return to the stage. All in This Together was Laguna Blanca’s Vocal Assemble’s first performance since Covid-19, which was a collaboration between Providence, Anacapa, and Bishop Diego. This year, the schools decided to follow up with There’s No Business Like Show Business, with songs from Hadestown, Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, and more. 

Sophomore Opal Peltz said, “It was fun but chaotic. Most schools started practicing individually and then together, but people were missing from the seasonal sickness going around, so it was a bit all over the place at first. I think we got it together at the end, though, and hopefully, we can do it again next year with all the schools.”