Elli Westmacott, Social Media Editor

“My sister took this picture on my balcony after we had a family dinner.” (Claire Kellet ‘23)
“This is a picture that I took with one of my best friends who I ran into while shopping.” (Franky Baron ‘23)
“I took this is when I was with my friend just before it started hailing.” (Zoe Stephens ‘22)
“This is me in Santa Ynez. I saw this really cute spot and decided to take this photo because I hadn’t posted in a while.” (Jacqueline Richardson ‘23)
“What’s better than being in the snow on a sunny day?” (Devin Hernandez ‘21)
“This picture was taken with my friend Lily when we went to watch the sunset at the Douglas Preserve.” (Penelope McKean ‘24)
“I took this picture just before my friends picked me up to take me on a Valentine’s Day friend date at Orpet Park!” (Molly Newell ‘22)
“A few friends and I were taking photos for photography class. We went down to the gym, and I thought it would be fun to take a photo.” (Fiona Hernandez ‘23)
“I took this picture with my friend in a parking garage. We were going to get boba and she randomly said, ‘Go over there and pose!’” (Lily Connor ‘22)