Letter from the Editors


Phoebe Stein and Daisy Finefrock

Hey Laguna,

It’s Phoebe and Daisy again, with your March Issue of the Fourth Estate. In our newest issue, the staff chose to center our theme around student “passion.”

We delved into some of the ways we express ourselves; whether it is through reading, meditation, drama or sports, our high school students come together to form a mosaic of passionate and creative peers. We felt that, with this issue, it was necessary to shine a spotlight on that part of the Laguna community.

March marks many things on campus: the culmination of the third quarter, warmer weather (did it ever really get cold?) and Spring break.

For seniors, it marks the beginning of our last three months of high school. In our next and final issue of the year, the leadership to rising editors-in-chiefs, and graduation will follow.

With the time we have now, we wanted to use this letter to say a few things from the heart. We feel as if it is necessary to extend thanks to the teachers, parents and students who have all made it their mission to help our community come together, especially in the past month.

In the words of Head of School Rob Hereford, “Owls take care of and look out for each other. We find places where we can be of service and comfort, and we offer grace, flexibility and patience without hesitation.”

The efforts made by so many in the past few weeks have spoken for themselves; from walking through a chalk-covered campus, to seeing tables covered in snacks, paints and bubbles, it’s evident that our community supports each other.

With that said, we hope you enjoy the work that you will find in these pages. Each staff member has shown their dedication to this publication in the past few weeks by working with a tight deadline and putting their all into each page. We truly hope you enjoy and appreciate the results.

Until next time,

     Phoebe and Daisy


Mission Statement

The Fourth Estate is an open forum created for and by journalism students of Laguna Blanca Upper School. We hope to use this space to cover events, interviews and topics of interest in greater depth. Our staff seeks to be a platform for creative expression and to report on events and ideas of importance to our readers and to focus on topics of significance and interest to inform and entertain the school community.

Letters to the Editors

The Fourth Estate welcomes guest columns and letters to the editor. Letters must be signed and must be no longer than 400 words. Editors reserve the right to edit for length, clarity and/or taste. Anonymous letters will not be published. The Fourth Estate reserves the right to reject advertising. Opinions expressed in this publication reflect the perspectives of the staff whose goal is to inform our readers with reliable information from which to base decisions and opinions. Editorials represent the voice of the staff and are voted on by the entire staff. Columns and commentaries are labeled as such and represent the opinion of the author. The Fourth Estate publishes four issues per year with a senior insert in the last issue.

Byline policy

When two or three people work on a story, all names will be listed. If an editor rewrites a majority of a story, the editor’s name will be listed.

correction policy

The staff strives for accuracy. When factual errors occur, mistakes are found or brought to the attention of the staff, corrections will be printed in a corrections box in the next issue.


This is the third issue of the new decade and 28th volume of The Fourth Estate magazine. Laguna Blanca School, 4125 Paloma Dr., Santa Barbara, CA 93110. Contacts are available at [email protected], (805) 687-2461 x0317 or www.thefourthestate.net. Laguna Blanca School has an EK-12th student population of approximately 400, with 100 in the Lower School, 110 in the Middle School and 182 in the Upper School, and a faculty of approximately 60. The Fourth Estate is an 8.5 by 11 general magazine, created on MAC computers on Adobe InDesign CC2020, using FreightNeo Pro and Big Caslon font families and printed on glossy paper free for students, and $30 for an annual subscription. The magazine is distributed to all Upper School students and faculty through the school’s advisory program and sent by mail to subscribers, as well as distributed to alums, with 450 copies printed. We are associated with NSPA, CSPA and JEA.