Peer Buddies Has Gone Virtual!

Peer Buddies Has Gone Virtual!

Our Virtual Private Sessions are happening NOW! Buddies will be playing fun, engaging, age-appropriate virtual activities all while learning essential social skills! Facilitation is provided 100% of the time by trained PeerBuddies Facilitators! Contact Emily Jewell and be a peer buddy virtually!

Emily Jewell, R.B.T.
Lead Facilitator
[email protected]
805.620.PEER (7337)

“My son looks forward to his weekly PeerBuddies Virtual Session.  The sessions are fun and uplifting. My son definitely responds to the praise given by the facilitator. I have noticed improvement at home in my son’s conversational skills as well as eye contact.”
-Mom of an 8-year-old
“Peer Buddies has helped my daughter mature in so many ways, the virtual sessions allow her to continue to socialize and help her with her independence as she keeps her schedule and ‘commutes’ all by herself!”
-Dad of a 19-year-old

“This program is the best for kids. My child really enjoys it and always looks forward to it. I’m so glad I found the perfect match for my child, I am sure more kids would benefit from it.”
-Mom of a 10-year-old
“My kids love being part of this program! The amount of compassion and understanding they have for those around them has exploded exponentially since being involved in PeerBuddies. As my daughter headed to jr. high she was ready and happy to easily interact with students with differences in a way her peers could not. She and all my kids also have a more profound understanding that ALL people have things they are working on to enhance their lives.

The Video Sessions are fun because in a large group Zoom meeting students don’t get a chance to talk or play games.  The online sessions create some social contact and my kids look forward to interacting with someone besides their own siblings!  There is an added complexity with zoom meetings that we are all facing – a small delay can seem like someone is bored or not interested.  Since we all have to deal with these new technological nuances, I think the Zoom meetings are a great tool for dealing with current issues and circumstances.”

-Mom of four Peer Buddies