Dress to Impress


Maddie Kirk, Writer

Need a last-minute dress for winter formal? The modern and ever-growing internet and retail fascination make last-minute shopping easier than ever. The excitement and joy of school dances is overwhelming, and who doesn’t want to look their best on the big day? However, sometimes the day comes out of nowhere, and you forget to even get a dress. If your closet doesn’t suffice, here are a few top-rated online stores. 

Nasty Gal/ Dolls Kill. These grungy names have some secret hidden gems. Their range of sizes, prices, and styles makes for a great dress shopping destination. Dolls Kill, particularly, has many affordable dresses and fabulous sales. I do have to warn that the shipping for these two takes at least five days. 

Revolve. Revolve is amazing. The online store carries affordable dresses and designer dresses all under one name. You can search for a dress by event and color, making the wide selection of dresses much more manageable to a rushing teenage girl. The shipping can take at least a week, but it can also come very quickly. 

Lulu’s. This store is a prom dress destination, and thankfully, they’re all very affordable. To put it in perspective, a full-length ball gown, usually hundreds of dollars, can be found on Lulu’s for under $100. With easy returns and quick shipping, every teen girl needs to know about this website.