The One Player That…

From hard workers to blatant cheaters, every sport has player stereotypes that often appear in high school competition. Who in your league or team is one of these?

Andreas Jackson


The “Big-Shot”

This player thinks they are God’s gift to the team. Yelling at everyone else for their mistakes but never taking responsibility for their own. Somehow when they give up the ball to the other team for no reason it’s everyone else’s fault.

The “CR7”

This player truly believes that they are Ronaldo and will chop the ball and do a million step-overs before they will ever pass the ball. They have the weakest shots yet try to take long shots way too much.


The “Self Talker”

This player gets upset whenever they make a mistake, verbally coaching themselves out loud or exclaiming how they “can’t believe they missed that.” Yet, if they win a point, even if its from a double fault,  they will make sure to yell “Lets GO!”

The “Blind One”

These players clearly don’t know that the line is in and will call any ball that lands on it, or close to it, out, without a second thought. Whether it is blatant cheating or just a lack of glasses, these players ruin the game for everyone.


The “Looker”

This player can be found in almost any sport, there are two types of “Lookers,” says football coach Shane Lopes. First, everyone knows the athlete that buys all of the new merch used by their favorite player. They look as though they are ready to play in the NFL yet their skills are horribly misrepresented as they have spent more time looking for new arm sleeves than they have practicing.

The other type is the one that is too focused on the way they actually look. Instead of directing their attention on the game they seem more concerned with which side of their face their hair falls.

The “Butterfingers”

This player can’t catch for their LIFE. They might be completely unguarded and given the best pass of the century and will fumble and drop it. Even if they can make good runs they time after time disappoint the team with something out of a fail compilation. However, the one time they do catch a pass they’ll either act like it was nothing or make a big deal out of it.


The “Diver”

This player will dive on every play no matter how easy the ball is, they have to show the coach that they are the most committed player. Most of the time it is the libero but it can be anyone often passing the ball. The ball can be passed over the net by the other team and this player will still find some way to dive and exaggerate their pass.

The “Tipper”

Because you might as well rename the position of “hitter” to tipper when this player is playing. This player is a hitter that has never actually spiked the ball in their life. Every single time they get set or have any opportunity to hit the ball they just tip it over the net. While a tip can be a strategic mix-up, when you do it every play it just becomes a pass to the other team.


The “Ref!”

This player seems to never be contempt with any call that goes against his team. They can’t help but flip out every single time the ref makes a call they disagree with. Often getting angry with the ref and other players. It is not uncommon for these players to foul excessively and then complain about the foul call.

The “Highlight Reel”

Every time they get the ball they are trying to do way too much; they record all their games and “has to dribble every time they get the ball,” says Christian Branch. They are more focused on doing one cool thing per game than playing consistently good. When they get the ball it’s almost guaranteed that they will either try to cross the nearest player or shoot an unnecessarily far out three pointer.