OK Boomer

A new phrase “OK Boomer” is a viral catchphrase that came from the social media platform TikTok and gained popularity throughout 2019. It is used to dismiss or mock attitudes typically attributed to the baby boomer generation.


Andreas Jackson, Writer

As a concept “OK boomer” is just like any other internet joke or meme; however, some folks have taken deep offense to the saying. In particular, Bob Lonsberry on twitter said that “Okay boomer is the n-word of ageism.” While the majority of people disagree with Mr. Lonsberry, his comments show that baby boomers are actually getting offended. This dismay has caused for news media and late-night shows to write about the trend. At the time of this writing, big names such as NBC, CNN, CBSN, and two late-night programs have all made some articles or skit based on the phrase. 

So why is the phrase so popular? Well, there are many different interpretations of it, some people like Mr. Lonsberry believe it is simply saying that someone is too old to understand something while others think it is a way that generation z people use to shrug off any point made by a boomer as invalid. The phrase is originally from a video of a kid just poking fun at an older man for sharing his view on how later generations are so sensitive and “snowflakes.” 

The “snowflake” phrase is the baby boomers’ equivalent of “OK boomer.” It has become commonplace terminology for someone that is overly soft and weak, emotionally or physically. Taking this into account it is ironic that boomers are getting offended over something so little. The phrase is obviously a joke and isn’t made to put people down for their age so why frame it as though it is. At the end of the day, “OK boomer” is just one more controversial meme that will probably be irrelevant within a month. The only reason this trend warranted an article was because it has begun to be used in protests regarding global warming and could become as common as “snowflake.” The reason this is possible is that the phrase is used for not just people in the baby boomer generation but extends to anyone of any age who is doing something that demonstrates technological ignorance.