LBS/DP Sock Club @ Alameda Park on World Homeless Day

Camila and Pisci sing along  with Senor Flores on guitar at Alameda Park.

Mia Humberd-Hilf

Camila and Pisci sing along with Senor Flores on guitar at Alameda Park.

Ashley Tidey

World Homeless Day, 10/10/19

LBS & DP Sock Club @ Alameda Park

Celebration of lives & appreciation of community—Cupcakes & Music

The LBS/DP Sock Clubs were honored to be asked by our community mentor Jeff Shaffer to participate in a short moment of celebration and appreciation at Alameda Park tonight, on World Homeless Day, 10/10/19.

Backstory: A cupcake/celebration of birthdays and lives plan was hatched a few weeks ago, and kids screamed when they came up with idea of having Senor Flores bring his guitar; he said yes, if the kids would sing along. Jeff later asked, “is there any student you believe could speak to everyone in line before the meal and just thank everyone for being with us every Thursday and just explain that cupcakes are an expression of thanks that they were born and we love them?” We weren’t sure how best to approach this beautiful request. And then we figured it out. We asked the ever soulful and experienced Camila Lemere, ’18, a woman of many words, to lead us in words and song. There is no one earth more up to the task.

Special appreciation to Mia and Pisci who’ve been stepping lively as they coordinated two huge group chats with LBS and DP kids across town. Fun fact: Parks and Rec saw Jeff’s Facebook “shout out post” to the Sock Club for bringing cupcakes and music—and then called Jeff to remind him that homemade cupcakes couldn’t be served at the park! Good times. Store-bought cupcakes it will be!