Football Team Kicks Off

Macy Christal

Almost every high school and college sport that starts in the fall has a preseason. Before the start of the sporting season, players undergo training and play in games before their season officially starts. Preseason is one of the most crucial times to prepare for regular season. Athletes are able to build a strong foundation which is important for improving skills, preventing future injury, and quickly enhancing overall fitness. The most important aspect of preseason is slowly building fitness and gaining match practice through scrimmaging and games. By the time athletes play the first game of their fall season, they will have played at least five matches that don’t contribute to their record.

The boys football team starts their preseason earlier than any other fall sport. They kick off practice with milder workouts in July that become more vigorous in early August. Most practices during preseason consist of outdoor conditioning and strength training. As the players become stronger, they begin learning plays and doing tackle drills.