Preseason Tips

Preseason Tips

Macy Christal, Sports Editor

Give yourself plenty of time

It’s  important before your season starts to work on all aspects of the game and create a plan to follow. Setting goals is essential! Working out ahead of time and preparing will not only give you strength but help you become stronger for the season to come.

Ease into things

It is important when you have been in off season to ease into things. Before the season you are relaxing, but once you get back into long practices and intensive drills it’s important to build up endurance. It is important that you listen to your body and do not push yourself too hard during your couple weeks of training.

Have a plan

Before the season begins, it is important to plan out specific goals, workouts, or training that you want to accomplish during your offseason. Knowing your goals beforehand will allow you to focus and work more


Watch footage from last year

Most sports teams film games and practices. Use this to your advantage by watching game film and creating goals for improvement. Videos will help you improve awareness and remind you of what to focus on the upcoming season.

Play before getting on the court/field

Getting touches before you start practice will help with your overall game. It always important to touch up on the basics.


It is important to have good endurance when your team starts back up. Some great exercise ideas could be long runs, doing interval workouts, or going out to play your specific sports. Try to be active at least an hour a day. Having a good group to work with could help you push each other harder.