The New Student Council

Meet the four new, determined and excited leaders of 2019-2020’s student council.


Brad Elliott Photography


Kiki Tolles, Student Body President       

“With new projects to improve the Student Store and to digitize the Sign In/Out System, and new events like the Outdoor Movie Night and the Club Assembly, we are hoping to make the 2019-2010 Student Council one of the most active and effective yet. We can’t wait to accomplish our goals and to represent our fellow students this coming year.”

Emma Raith, Vice President

“Kiki and I are very excited to represent the study body this year, and we look forward to making some big changes. As our first priority, we hope to revamp the student store and revise the current sign-in/out system. With our modified student council format, moreover, we hope to tackle new problems, organize more activities, and enhance daily student-life at Laguna!”

Caetano Perez, Treasurer

“This year I hope to maintain consistent store hours with more student volunteers and a reliables time schedule! I’m also looking to implement restock weekends so we can avoid bothersome food shortages. Finally, I’m looking to possible add more nutritious non-candy items to the store for a more healthy menu.”

Wesley Schulz, Secretary

“My goal this year is to work with the rest of the student council to implement the ideas outlined in Jacobs “manifesto” as best we can. I hope that by the end of this year people start to see the student council as less of a dance theme decider and more of a force of change in the student body. Other than that I am just excited to work with the team that has been built this from this past election and hope that we can serve the student body well.”