The Age of Glossier


The beauty world has dramatically evolved into a growing and complex industry.

Among all of the large brand- name companies like Sephora or Revlon comes one shining light of aesthetically pleasing, cruelty free and empowering makeup: Glossier.

A continuously evolving company, Glossier was
founded by Emily
Weiss in 2010.

Weiss collected different contacts from her various employers who were connected to the fashion world and eventually got an opportunity to intern at Ralph Lauren.

From there, her career skyrocketed as she developed her own blog called Into The Gloss.

As her following grew, she turned the blog into an innovative company that now sells products that vary from an innovative form of blush to a best-selling brow gel. In addition to being a frontier for feminism with a female founder and CEO, Glossier is popular for their simple, sleek, modern, and chic aesthetics. Each delivery is wrapped in rosy pink bubble wrap bag, which many customers use as an everyday necessity after getting their package. That pink bubble wrap has become a trademark symbol of Glossier.

Furthermore, they also have a variety of cute, bright stickers that people collect and put on everything from notebooks to phone cases. These stickers are just another way that Glossier translates out of the makeup world. The more stickers, the more recognizable and branded Glossier becomes. Above their cute packaging are the quality products. All of them are creamy white, with pops of colour throughout. This usually coordinates with the colour of the actual product, whether it be their blush, Cloud Paint, or their lipstick, Generation G.

Their logo is simple but unmistakable. In fact, every single one of their products is has a unique touch that strays away from

other companies. Glossier has cultivated a individual, polished image that it now recognized worldwide.

In addition to the products being elegant, they are also trustworthy, unlike other companies. In this day and age, we must all be aware of what is in our products and therefore what we are putting on our bodies.

When it comes to re-inventing beauty products, Glossier consistently defers to what their audience wants.

Much of this company-to-customer relationship is maintained through Instagram.

Every day loyal consumers, who share stories, ideas, and critiques and use Instagram as a platform.

One of Glossier’s most popular products is their Milk Jelly Cleanser, a face wash that takes care of any leftover makeup while simultaneously helps acne.

Customers on Instagram shared posts and stories that they were frustrated by having to toss their milk jelly cleanser at airport security due to the size of the container being too large to pass through TSA.

A few months later, Glossier came out with a portable, airport-friendly mini size. This helpful and useful advancement was all due to social media and the community that it produces.

Every day we are learning more and more about the environment we
live in, and the effects this generation has on it.

So, it if only fair that the makeup we buy reflects our goal to achieve a better world. Therefore, it is reassuring to know that all Glossier products are completely cruelty-free.

As previously mentioned, Glossier was created and established by Emily Weiss, a female powerhouse who inspires many young female entrepreneurs to realize their passions and pursue their dreams.

Weiss is a self-made woman who worked her way to the top through dedication and persistence.

The beauty of Glossier is, of course, in their products, but also in the women who model them.

Freshman Lily Connor sums it up perfectly by saying, “Glossier models aren’t women you would normally see on magazines— they don’t abide by the hegemonic beauty standards of our society and this makes them all the more beautiful.”

Because Glossier is completely individual, it does not confine itself to the boundaries of the stereotypical beauty world. It paves new paths for young women and the next generation to make

positive change. “Glossier isn’t conforming, and it’s just what the world needs. They’re teaching women and girls that the most beautiful thing a female can wear is confidence,” Lily said.