What’s in Your Trunk?

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What’s in Your Trunk?

Natalie McCaffery

An Interview with Junior Audrey Murphy.


What type of car do you drive?

Mercedes 2006 ML.


Do you think your car matches your personality?

Maybe? I haven’t really put much thought into it. But I’m very happy with my car. It is the perfect size to fit my surfboard and it holds everything I need it to in the back, but it’s not brand new, which I’m grateful for.


What is one thing you would never leave the house without?

My water bottle and a pair of flip flops


Is there anything unique about your car or the items you store in it?

I have a fully equipped earthquake backpack in the bag, and right now I have about 4 towels and 2 picnic blankets just in case.


In your opinion, where is the best place on campus to park?

In the “senior” lot facing the basketball court next to the tree on the right side. You’re close enough to the gym and the soccer fields that if you need to grab something from your car, it’s not too much of a hassle. And you’re close to all your friends so if you want to have the back open and hang out, you’re facing everyone.

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