Girls Volleyball Builds a New Team


The second week of April marks the end of the Girls Sand Volleyball season.The girls played a total of 12 games and ended up with a record of four wins and eight losses.

Freshmen Annie Gabler and Bea Lujan are two new members of the team. Both participated in girls indoor volleyball in the fall and decided to try out for beach. It has been a developing and bonding season for the young players. “We’ve gotten closer, and it’s been fun because we have created a team bond that has lasted through the season,” Gabler said.

Lujan added, “At first, it was really fun because we knew all the freshmen and we were bonding, and a bunch of our friends are on the team. Then we got to know a lot of the older girls, and we developed a friendship.”

The team, consisting of students from multiple grades, provided a great way for the students to get to know each other. “As a team, we work well together because our partners have been switched around a lot, so we all get to work with each other,” said Gabler.

One moment in the Owls’ beach season that stood out to Gabler and Lujan was the match against Santa Barbara High School. “Ainsley and Macy were playing Santa Barbara on the number
two spot. It was a tight game — they lost the first game, won the second game and tied the third game,” said Gabler.“We were competing against Santa Barbara for who could have the loudest cheer. [We] ended up losing, but it was a great team building moment.”

The game was one that changed the camaraderie of the team, bringing them closer together despite their less-than-perfect record.“There is no CIF because it’s a new sport,” commented Lujan. “It’s just league, but if you go on you can try to win the league, but this year that is unlikely.”

The whole team shares a profound excitement for the next season of beach volleyball.