2018 Cum Laude Society Inductees


Annelle King

This year nine new recipients were honored on Wednesday, April 24 for demonstrating their academic achievements. Only the top 10% from the junior class and the top 20% of the senior class can receive this elite award. Students are not only judged on their academics, but also their character, honor, and integrity. Aura Carlson, Sophia Fay, Rose Houglet, Jackson Hurley, and Clare Ogle were the accepted Juniors from the 2017 award and presented the new member of 2018. While students introduced the new students, Nick Behrman, a 2008 alum, welcomed and congratulated the newest members and shared some of his stories when he was at Laguna Blanca receiving this award.


New Members

Class of 2019

Caitlin Gainey

Sullivan Israel

Isabella Sabino

Julia Stone


Class of 2018

Kelly Bickett

Abby Corpuz

Alexander Hsu

Kendall White

Roth Yin