Boys Basketball

Javier Abrego

Senior Aidan O’Donnell described the Laguna Blanca varsity basketball team as a group of “young, scrappy go-hards.” Although their season has not gone as they had planned, the

team has seen some positives along the way. The team’s young players have had the crucial role of stepping up and finding their spot on the team.

“Watching guys like [junior] Sherlock [Jian] and [freshman] Devin [Hernandez] find their role on the team and how they can contribute has been inspiring,” said junior Ty Trosky.

Seniors Aidan O’Donnell, Anton Homeniuk and Jackson Hurley are known for their leadership on and off the court.They are role models for the rest of the team.

“I think learning from the example that the seniors set has been the best part of the season for me so far. It’s great having a group of guys you can look to when you need some guidance,” said sophomore Christian Branch.

The Owls’ overall record this season is 2-4. Despite their early losses, the Owls keep a positive outlook on the season and expect to compete in the playoffs.

“This year, we lost a lot of practice time to the fire and flooding, but nevertheless our team is playing well.As we have started playing together effectively, our team is getting really good.We have tons of three-point shooters — Christian, Me, Devin, Anton, [junior] Spencer [Turner] and [sophomore] Wells [Fowler] can all knock down shots any time, so we’re always a threat, and it’s very difficult to play defense against us. The first few games of the season, we pretty much beat ourselves with a lack of focus and preparation due to missed practices. But our coaches, the legendary Sal Rodriguez and the dedicated, effective Carlos Guerrera are great, and our players are very talented, so fans should look forward to some really good basketball coming up,” said Hurley.