Teachers Most Embarrassing Moments

Kendall White

Meghan Roarty

“I would say that one of my most embarrassing moments while teach- ing was when a student called me ‘mom’ by accident during class, and then proceeded to explain that he had thought about me as a ‘mom’ type before and had actually dreamt about it.”

Katie Pointer

“I was standing at the end of my table and backed up to go back to the board, and I tripped over a piece of equipment. I was wearing a skirt that went past my knees. I couldn’t make the space between my legs wider or separate my legs to catch myself. My legs were up and the rest of me was down and nobody came to help me. They all just laughed.”

Peter Angeloff

“Ace wanted to prove Newton’s First Law by pulling a tablecloth out from underneath a set table. If done correctly, the tablecloth would come out smoothly, not disturbing anything. However, Ace pulled the tablecloth at an angle causing the silverware to go flying. The class watched as a fork ew through the air and stabbed Ace in the cheek.”