Boys Beach Volleyball Fall Recap


The fourth season of the Laguna Blanca’s boys beach volleyball team is off to a strong start. The team has played three games: one against Santa Barbara High School, which they unfortunately lost, and two more against Dos Pueblos and San Marcos, both of which they won. While Laguna may have been much smaller than these public schools, they put up a very good fight and were ultimately able to triumph over some very competitive teams.

Sophomore Caetano Perez-Marchant, a sophomore on the team who currently has three wins and four losses, seemed confident about our showing so far. When asked whom Perez-Marchant wanted to highlight on the team, he responded: “Roth and Tony, for developing their skills for the duration of the season.”

After a victorious start, the players seem confident about their ability to perform in future games. When asked about how he believes the team is performing, coach John Roberts said,“It’s been going really well. We’ve improved a lot, we’ve worked hard, and we’ve had some really good wins.”

Coach John highlighted Kyle Aitchenson and Andrew Tolles, saying that Andrew “is going to be a very important player in the next couple of years,” and that Kyle “is also a very skilled player.” He also mentioned the ability of some of their newer players, mentioning that “it is always nice” to have new team members be so strong at the game. Beach volleyball is a growing sport at Laguna, and their strength this season during matches ensures that the sport will continue to grow in years to come.