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Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification

Phoebe Stein

June 3, 2019

"Can I see it?” one may ask as soon as the camera shutter goes off. “Just take a few more, I think you caught my bad side,” is muttered as people flip through an array of digital photos. This is not a luxury that earlier cameras offered. Once upon a time, taking a photo seemed precious — t...

War of the Tablets


December 11, 2012

   The holiday season is almost upon us, and some of the most popular gift items are tablets. Whether it is for work, for play, for watching movies or reading books, tablets have become extremely popular. However, as a result of this popularity, a whole variety of tablets have emerged on the market,...

Wired Protests Are Changing the World

Wired Protests Are Changing the World

February 28, 2012

  The wired revolution has arrived. It has the power to shake dictatorships and subvert corporate America. Twenty-two year old Molly Katchpole, fed up with her bank’s push for a five-dollar monthly fee for debit card use, posted the following on a website called, “At some point ...

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