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Sophia Samuels-Humans of Laguna

Sophia Samuels-Humans of Laguna

Nikita Nautiya October 25, 2018

“He had just gotten back from the hospital. The doctors thought he had a heart attack, so they put a heart monitor on him. I wanted to make him dinner since he was still weak. I came into the room and...

Rob Moreno - Humans of Laguna

Rob Moreno – Humans of Laguna

Noah Dehli October 25, 2018

“My favorite part of my music career is that music is my career. Being able to perform music outside of school, and educating kids for my job is, well, I can’t ask for anything more than that. I...

Eka Nayak - Humans of Laguna

Eka Nayak – Humans of Laguna

Noah Dehli October 25, 2018

“I don’t think I have any regrets. I’ve definitely had regrets that I learned from, so the only big regret that I feel—if I had a big regret—would be something I didn’t learn from or something...

Lagunas Advisory Quiz Bowl!

Laguna’s Advisory Quiz Bowl!

Sydney Edgecomb May 12, 2017

The spiral shape seen in sunflowers follows what famous sequence? What year did the first American woman graduate from college? Which faculty member taught in the Peace Corps in Ghana? Laguna...

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