Luca Commits to Claremont


Macy Christal

Q: At what age did you start playing soccer?
A: I started playing when I was 6.


Q: How many hours a day on average (during an active one) do you think you play soccer?
A: During a day where I’m training, I will usually have 2 sessions each around an hour and a half or two hours.


Q: What’s an after school schedule look like to you?
A: On a training day, I will usually stay at Laguna after school to do homework instead of driving home. Then I’ll drive out to UCSB for my first session at around 4:30 and then my second will start right after at around 6:30. I finish at around 8, get home by 8:15. If I still have homework I’ll finish that, and then I eat, shower and go to bed.


Q: At what point did you know you wanted to play soccer in college?
A: When I was younger I wanted to see just how good I could become and pushed myself to try and play at the highest levels that I could play at for my age. I would say the prospect of playing soccer in college emerged in my freshman year.


Q: Why Claremont?
A: I chose Claremont McKenna knowing that even though soccer has always been my great passion, the incredible education and personal attention I’ll receive there will offer me great opportunities later on when it’s time to hang up my cleats. Also, the 5 college consortium offers a unique and diverse experience and made it even more interesting to me.


Q: How did the college recruiting process go for you?
A: It was very smooth for the most part because I started participating in identification camps at various colleges early on and started receiving good feedback and interest. This gave me options early so I never felt stressed during the process.


Q: How has Laguna soccer shaped your experience?
A: Laguna soccer was an amazing outlet for me. The practice atmosphere was one where I could experiment and have fun and the games gave me opportunities to apply new skills that I had worked on before that may not have been appropriate in other game situations. I’ll never forget the numberless fond memories I’ve made playing with my closest friends at Laguna.


Q: How many years haveyou played club?
A: I started training with the Santa Barbara Soccer Club when I was 8 or 9 years old. I’ll be 18 in June so almost a full decade.


Q: How have your friends supported you?
A: My friends have been great at helping me catch up on school work that I’ve missed due to camps or games.


Q: Who is your favorite professional team?
A: My favorite professional team to follow is Chelsea but my favorite team to watch is Barcelona.


Q: Who is your biggest supporter?
A: My parents without a doubt. After the countless hours driving to and from games, numberless nights in hotels, and the resources they’ve exhausted to help me reach my goals, this is an easy answer. Together we’ve been all over California and much of the West Coast, the East Coast and all over Europe for tournaments and camps. It’s more than safe to say that we’ve been through this journey together from day one.