Sports Canceled Due to Covid-19

Sports Canceled Due to Covid-19

Andreas Jackson, Writer

On January 21, 2020, the first case of Covid-19 was reported. CIF announced high school spring sports season was canceled on April 3, 2020. Among other things while in quarantine people are becoming more bored than ever and a lack of sports has left many people without a hobby. The Fourth Estate sent out a survey to all highschool Laguna Blanca students to find out how this sports cancellation has been affecting them.


93% of people said that they were disappointed with sports being canceled


When asked what they have been doing instead of playing sports the most common answer was working out alone or alongside a video.


In response to the question: What is the biggest effect, the sports cancellation has had on you?

Students said that they were less active, it was harder to get exercise, missed their teammates, and also found that they had more time on their hands.


What do you miss the most about the sports season?

Students said they missed their friends, teammates, the social scene, and the rush of winning.


What were you looking forward to this season?

The most common answer was, “Seeing how far the team would be able to go and competing and representing my school.”


It is safe to say that people miss sports and the many social opportunities that accompany them. People during quarantine find ways to replace the physically engaging part of sports but are missing the bigger picture community that those sports allow them to participate in.


They are always going to follow along with workout videos but there won’t always be teammates for you to share your competitive spirit and experiences with. Some people look for this in video games while others seem to simply plan out what they are going to do once quarantine ends with their friends. No matter what you are doing to replace whatever has been affected by the coronavirus it is important to stay motivated and know that everyone is in this together. Stay safe, stay home.