McGeady Spin

Andreas Jackson

In soccer, there are endless amounts of tricks that can be used at any point of the game. However, this vast number of options can make it very overwhelming and hard to know what to use and when to use it. The MeGeedy spin is a move that is a good niche move for a specific situation so that you can get one step closer to knowing what your optimal options are in every situation. The McGeady spin is most efficiently done on the sideline of the field and can be good for getting enough space to cross the ball. Usually, there will be a defender approaching from behind you so you take your foot that is on the side of the direction you want to go (right or left) and push the ball with the inside of your foot behind you to the heel or outside of your other foot. This will cause for the defender to think that he can step in. Then once you tap the ball behind, you have to spin around with your other foot and hit it with the outside of the foot to launch the ball forward, now just make sure you get the ball before the defender. This shouldn’t be too difficult because if done properly you can continue the momentum from the spin to run for the ball while the defender is going to have to turn and change directions, giving you a huge advantage.