Stepover Combo (Ronaldo)


Andreas Jackson, Writer

Simply roll the ball with one foot towards the other, then perform an inside stepover over the ball, then do a simple stepover. This is the kind of combo that is full of options, the best thing about the combo is that it should build up speed and with all that is going on in front of the defender, they will have no idea when you’re going to accelerate out. Ronaldo has a few variations but generally, they start by rolling the ball across the body and then doing an inside step over. Then, follow that up by quickly stepping back over the ball and from there you got the choice of another quick step over or you can wait a bit and try and blow past a Defender. Whatever it is make sure when rolling the ball it is done firmly so that there is momentum because even if you don’t want to blow by the defender you want them to back up and give you some space as if you were going to. Keeping defenders constantly on edge is important because when they have to cover multiple options there are larger openings.