Can Liverpool go All The Way?


Patrick Otte


May 26th in 2018 was a shocking day for Liverpool Football Club. Liverpool lost to Real Madrid 3-1 in the Champions League Final, the fingers being pointed at Liverpool’s goalkeeper Louis Karius. Karius, a respectable goalkeeper for Liverpool Football Club, made two grave mistakes that cost his side in losing a critical match. As a result, Liverpool bought a new world-class goalkeeper, Alisson Becker (Alisson). Alisson starts for the international side of Brazil, Alisson showcasing consistent goalkeeping techniques surpassing Karius’s. With Liverpool’s new goalkeeper Alisson can Liverpool go all the way and win the Premier League as they did last year, and clutch the Champions League with a reinforced squad?

Liverpool has always been a strong side, and especially so in these past two years. In October of 2015, the sacking of previous Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers prompted Jurgen Klopp to manage Liverpool Football Club. Klopp is a World Class manager who had an impressive seven-year run at Borussia Dortmund before coming to Liverpool. Liverpool has players of the highest level playing for their side, including Sadio Mané, Naby Keïta, and of course Mohammad Salah. Salah has been such a huge part of Liverpool’s attacking side scoring goals, getting assists, with an enlightening presence Salah won the Puskas award. Not just sporting players of the highest level, Liverpool Football club offers a competitive and nurturing atmosphere to breed players young players and turn them into football machines.

A perfect example would be Alexander Arnold. A year ago the majority of football fans had no idea who he was, and now he is in the transfer spotlight. Liverpool has many top players, with young ones becoming more well known, but what separates Liverpool from the rest of their vigorous opposition is their unique play style. Gamewise Liverpool will put up a courageous fight against other opponents who may be favored, and many a time Liverpool has a high chance of coming out on top. But in football, the best teams not only have the best players but also have excellent team chemistry. Cultivating a squad that communicates, passes accordingly, and has a strong defensive, and attacking harmony will take opposing teams down with better players. Klopp has an unusual trait to play unknown young players who end up shining playing alongside some of the world’s giants in the Premier League, and the Champions League. Klopp’s compatible squad at Liverpool Football club has not only put up results but has resulted in Liverpool going undefeated in this year’s Premier League season.

Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp, the superb team Chemistry, World Class players, and young players who are clawing their way up in the football world are what makes Liverpool so entertaining to watch. What could Liverpool want more, can Liverpool win the Premier League, and get past their haunting Champions League final experience and win it all?