Independent Athletes – Julia Stone and Natalie McCaffery

Emma Raith

Take a look at the independent sports of these owls!

Natalie McCaffery —

Natalie McCaffery recently competed in the Olympic Classes Regatta, hosted by the San Diego Yacht Club. With Saturday conditions of low winds, choppy water, and diagonal swells on the first day, the competition made for “an intense weekend of racing.” The second day yielded stronger breezes, which allowed McCaffery to better “adjust [her] boat to the chop.” With higher results on Sunday, McCaffery moved from fourth to the top. After a “very tight finish,” she won the tie-break, placing her as the top girl and #7 of 13, respectively. McCaffery’s impressive performance secured her place to compete in the US Youth Championships.




Julia Stone —

Julia Stone has been riding since she was five and competing for the past seven years. Earlier this month, she placed in the top 20 of 150 competitors in a national medal final at Capital Challenge. Now, Stone will head to Kentucky, where she will enter into a highly prestigious final in her junior division. Furthermore, as a recent recruit of the #1 Division 1 equestrian program in the US at Georgia University, Stone looks forward to continuing her career in the NCAA league. Good Luck Stone!