What Sports Mean

Seniors share what their experiences on Laguna’s sports teams have meant to them throughout their high school career.


Emma Raith

Pisci Abrego

Being a part of the Laguna sports program has had a major influence on my development as an individual and as an athlete. My high school career would not have been the same without the meaningful relationships and experiences I was able to create on the cross country and soccer teams.

Sulli Bah

Throughout my four years at Laguna, sports have taught me about communication skills and getting along with people from all different walks of life. It has also shaped me to be a good leader on and off the field, and to give everything you have on the field no matter if you’re winning or losing.

Christian Branch

Through my four years playing for the basketball team and my two years on the football team I learned more about myself than if I had to participate in anything else. These years are definitely ones I will always want to go back and relive just because of how much I love athletics and competition.

Ian Brown

High school athletics at Laguna have not only given me an opportunity to explore sports that interest me while under the instruction of talented coaches, but also to bond with my classmates in a way that does not center around academics. In a sense, it has been one of the most valuable bonding experiences of my time in high school.

Lucy Cao

I have made a lot of memories and I feel like I really bonded with my team through all the highs and lows over the course of four years. Being on the tennis team has been an important part of my high school experience.

Macy Christal

Sports have made my experience at Laguna complete. I do not know what I would have done without the summers of double days for volleyball, racing to the beach, and then back to practice. I would honestly do anything to be able to experience my four years of athletics again. I have made the best friends and the best memories.

Ella Delwiche

Sports have always been an important part of my life because I am such an active person. Being on a team with all my friends at Laguna was a big part of my experience as well because I love being able to go down to the gym after school and release stress while also being with my friends and peers.

Paige Levinson

My experience on Laguna’s volleyball program has taught me not only how to play volleyball, but also how to be a supportive teammate and thoughtful person. I’ve learned so many life lessons in that gym and I’m so lucky to have been a part of such an extraordinary group of teammates and best friends for the past four years.

Natalie McCaffery

The two sports that have meant the most to me are volleyball and soccer. Being on those teams for all four years has been the highlight of my high school experience, as it has allowed me to interact with peers in different grades on a more personal level. My teammates, especially on volleyball, feel like family. I have also really enjoyed having the support of coaches who are invested in my life from both an athletic and academic standpoint.

Brian McClintock

The reason sports have been such a big part of my high school career is because of what they taught me. They taught me discipline, strength and brotherhood, which are some of the three most important things for me personally.

John Morouse

Sports at Laguna have allowed me to connect with people throughout the Laguna community. I made some amazing friends in my freshman year because of the soccer team, and I enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know underclassmen this year on the basketball team.

Sangay Sherpa

Sports have allowed me to disconnect and forget about all my schoolwork for a couple hours and connect with teammates and friends to form a brotherhood of trust.

Xiaxia Taylor

I joined the tennis team when I was a freshman having never played tennis in my life and would never have been able to predict how much the tennis team would mean to me by the end of my senior season. Because of my coaches and teammates, the tennis team became a huge part of my high school experience and shaped me in ways I never expected.

Luca Wahlberg

Besides learning to how to be a good teammate, Laguna sports taught me a number of lessons that I will be able to take with me through life. Integrity, humility, disciple and most importantly hard work are a few attributes that I’ve been able to develop through sports at Laguna. I’ve also made countless memories that I know will mean so much to me as I age.

Boning Zhang

I participated in basketball and football, and both of them provided me with an outlet to experience what it feels like to go all out. They also taught me to not avoid difficulty or pain, a process that for me was excruciating at first. All in all, they sharpened my spirit and strengthened my will.