Astros vs. Dodgers Final Match Review


After a heated seven games, the Astros finally pulled away with a win in the seventh game that won them the World Series. This was the first time in franchise history that the Astros had won the World Series, becoming a franchise team in 1962. The Astros were called “The Lastros” for the longest time because they always got the last place. It is quite intriguing to witness the previous losers that dominated this year’s world series. In addition the first time since 1970 that two teams with 100 wins met in the finals of the world series. It was a very happy night for the Astros and their fans. In the other locker room, the Dodgers hung their heads and pointing their fingers at their pitcher, Yu Darvish.

The Dodgers clearly had some mistakes in the final game, and many people would say that Darvish was the one to blame. With his unimaginable and unexpected performance in the early stages of the match, the Dodgers were never coming back. Then again after every lost game people always try to find a scapegoat. Darvish was the unfortunate one. It was not his night. The Astros took those chances, leaving the game with a 5-1 victory.

“I would say that the Dodgers did not lose because of Yu Darvish”, said sophomore Jake Self. “I think that the loss was a collective effort. On the other side of the table, the Astros played great, and they deserved to win.

The MVP of the game was definitely Astros George Springer. In the first inning, he had a good hit straight down the line of the left field getting safely to second base. A great start for the Astros. Springer ran from second base too home when there was a misplay amongst Darvish, the ball being thrown out into the stands, and he jogged from second base too home. In quick succession, he scored a two-point home run in the second inning. There was Gonzalez on the third base, running it home with Springer, getting the score from 3-0 to 5-0. Springer was a crucial part of the final game, and the Astros are grateful to have a player as good as him on their team.

The Astros brought their all, playing near perfectly whilst the Dodgers did not bring their A game at home. They brought a huge embarrassment to all the home fans, leaving the game shaking their heads whilst The Astros partied that night. George Springer was the easy MVP who really turned the tide from the beginning of the game. This was a real treat to see “The Lastros” become the best baseball team in the world this year.