Girls Volleyball Game Against Santa Barbara

Last week on (need date) GV girls, and Varsity girls played Santa Barbara in indoor volleyball. Laguna traveled to Santa Barbara High School, playing away. GV was playing for best two out of three, and they, unfortunately, lost both of their games to the GV girls of Santa Barbara. Game one was pretty embarrassing in Laguna’s eyes losing by a fair amount. In game two Laguna put up a good fight losing in a close, well-fought battle. Varsity girls had a different story to tell. They were playing for best three out of five, and they lost game one. The next three games Laguna came out on top, winning the round overall.

Both Laguna teams both definitely had a lot of different moods during the different games.

Game one for GV was a total disaster, the girls feeling pretty down on themselves for losing so easily to a crosstown rival. But in game two the girls brought a happy sort of energy that inspired them to almost win the game.

The major plays for Laguna Blanca GV volleyball were Maddie Oriskovich having some great hits. As did Paige Levinson. Itziar de Pedro made a great save, and Ella Delwiche had a great block.

“It was a tough match against Santa Barbara,” said Sophomore Kiki Tolles. “Although we did not actually win the game, we felt as if we won the game in spirit. Game two against Santa Barbara was so close that even after losing it we felt proud of ourselves for representing Laguna Blanca and working so hard.”

Varsity came into game one feeling pretty confident. They lost game one, but that did not deter them. Winning the next three, the air about them getting more and more hyper as they kept winning.

Some of the star players from the match from Varsity were Caylin Zimmerman, Laurel Kujan, and Julia Fay with some great hits. Sophia Fay had some great digs that brought them back into some games.

“There are many things that I can take out from the game on (need date) against Santa Barbara, both good and bad,” said Sophomore Macy Christal. “We obviously won the match but we need to start getting used to away Gyms and being more comfortable playing away sooner rather than later, this way winning will become easier if we are more relaxed.”

Laguna’s girls GV and Varsity away game against Santa Barbara had some varying results, both teams taking positive points out of their matches. Laguna Blanca is a private school that can really compete with public schools in volleyball.