Art Student Profile: Victoria Huang


“I love painting with oil, because it has a special texture.”

Who is your favorite artist?
“Currently my favorite creative artist is Daniel Siering, who used spray and illusion technique to make a real tree cut in half. I think it is pretty interesting and creative.”

What piece of your own art are you most proud of?
“I painted a Mona Lisa with Mr. Bean’s face on it about a year ago, and I really enjoyed the process of it.”

How did you get into art?
“It is hard to tell people why I love doing art, just like asking a girl why she fell in love with a guy. But I can clarify that my mom did not threaten me with a stick to learn sketching.”

What are your favorite subjects to draw, paint, etc.?
“I love to paint or draw creatures and landscapes.”

Do you prefer quick sketches or longer projects?
“I do prefer to do longer projects.”

Do you plan to pursue art in the future?
“I might plan to pursue some career about art, but I am pretty sure that my career in the future will not be on the corner of the streets, then put a bunch of my works in front.”