MacNeil’s Mission


Junior Grace MacNeil has been selected by the student body as next year’s ASB President. MacNeil has a history making accomplishments in Laguna’s academic political sphere. This year, as Junior Class President, she made it possible for juniors to leave campus at lunch on the longer Monday and Friday lunches and helped lowerclassmen student council member in their missions. She’s going to follow up this year with an even more impressive reign as a senior.

MacNeil unveiled some of her plans for next year on at assembly. “We are working on planning a foam-coming dance, a once a quarter or more “No Homework and Test Days,” an upper school Olympics and an auction of cool items. I want possibly to get audio speakers in the senior quad and more digital clocks around school. Maybe some comfier desks and chairs while we’re at it.”

Also elected was Vice President senior Henry Farrell, who is very excited to be assisting MacNeil in her government duties. “Grace obviously is very skilled, and I look forward to working with her.”

“I think she’s actually going to do a really good job,” said sophomore Julia Fay, “and I think she’s actually going to do something with her position, unlike other people who run just for college.”