Advice From a Senior

Advice From a Senior


The big kids on campus are finally becoming young men and women, as they graduate high school. How do they get through their senior year? Many people advise you to keep your eye on the prize, although this can be challenging as time seems to freeze.

Seniors are like turtles trying to finish the race, although for some, college acceptances keep them hopping along like the hare. In order to win the race no matter how fast you go, here are some tips to help.

First, use senior year as a time to explore what you’re interested in while you’re still in a familiar environment. Secondly, focus on what you’re doing rather than what others around you are doing, which can be difficult as your friends spill the beans on their college acceptances. If you gravitate towards art and drawing, build a portfolio, but if you are active, pick up the pace and play school sports.

Thirdly, be friends with your teachers rather than enemies — especially in terms of attendance. Show up, even if you want to chill in bed and catch up on a Netflix episode, because this is your last time to make mistakes and have the opportunity to be supported by your teachers.

If you take these tips and run with them you will cross the finish line, and graduate with your class of 2016.