Student Attends the Republican Convention

We caught up with freshman John Puzder shortly after he attended the Republican National Convention.


Q. What prompted you to go to the National Convention? 

A. “My dad is a big supporter of Mitt Romney, and he has been raising money doing whatever he can to support the campaign. He was invited to go and to bring one family member. He asked me. I went because I figured it would be a fantastic opportunity that I wouldn’t be able to take at any other point in time.”

Q. Who do you think delivered the best speech?

A. “I think Ann Romney did a great job delivering her speech because she has really no history in politics or public speaking. She’s been a housewife during the time she would have had career. When she came out, she had a huge smile on her face and everyone knew that she was going to do a fantastic job; and to me, that was amazing!”

Q. Did that surprise you?

A. “Yeah! I thought it was going to be a lot less energetic. But most of the speeches, to be honest, were a lot more captivating than I would have imagined.”

Q. What did you think specifically of Mitt Romney’s speech? What did you take away from it?

A. “Well, I knew that he was trying to point out that he is a relatable guy because a lot of people think he isn’t – they think he is a cold businessman. All of the policies that he was going to implement and all the things he was going to do as a president that would benefit our country, and why. He explained how and why, which was really good, especially for people who don’t follow politics.”

Q. Did his speech or any of the other attendees’ speeches influence your own political views?

A. “Not particularly. My dad keeps me informed with everything political that’s happening. Whether it’s Mitt Romney or Chris Christie, he tells me what they’re saying in their speeches, what their beliefs are. So I knew what was going to go on.”