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Media’s Blurry Lines Blend Celebrities and Politicians

Media’s Blurry Lines Blend Celebrities and Politicians

January 29, 2015

Celebrities have been involved in politics and campaigning for years, inter- twining the two worlds, but recently, the media has stuck its nose into the personal lives of our leaders. Politicians are now being judged not only for their policies, but also for factors such as childhood decisions and sexual...

Student Attends the Republican Convention

October 30, 2012

We caught up with freshman John Puzder shortly after he attended the Republican National Convention.   Q. What prompted you to go to the National Convention?  A. “My dad is a big supporter of Mitt Romney, and he has been raising money doing whatever he can to support the campaign. He was ...

DIRTY POLITICIANS: an Evolving Social Epidemic?

DIRTY POLITICIANS: an Evolving Social Epidemic?

February 11, 2012

For years there has been a trend that has run so rampant through the political world in the United States that it has evolved into a social epidemic. When news breaks of a senator, governor, or presidential candidate being involved in scandals, we are no longer shocked. Has this become expected?...

Digging Into Political Campaigns

December 2, 2011

“If you’re going to run for [office], you need to prepare to run for [office],” advised Mr. Don Sipple as he paused his collection of videos from past political campaign ads. Mr. Sipple spoke in Ms. Martha Elliot’s AP US Government class. His son, Fletcher, graduated from Laguna last year. For prospective go...

Confronting Judicial Red Tape

Confronting Judicial Red Tape

October 20, 2011

Southern California drivers are becoming victims of a flawed legal system. Senior Alex Louden was recently subject to the inconsistent court system in Beverly Hills. After running red light in Beverly Hills, Alex discovered that his actions were photographed by a security camera located at the intersection....

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