MOVIE REVIEW: In the Land of Blood and Honey


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In the Land of Blood and Honey: A Tragic Love Story about the Effects of War

I spent the holiday season in my hometown of New York City. On a whim one night, I decided to see a film that critics had not said much about titled, “In the Land of Blood and Honey.” Written and directed by Angelina Jolie, this film takes place during the Bosnian War in the Balkan region. We follow the lives of Danijel (a Bosnian man) and Ajla (a Serbian woman). Danijel and Ajla meet in a nightclub, before the war. They immediately fall in love, in a fashion similar to Romeo and Juliet. Due to the horrific ethnic cleansings, Danijel and Ajla are separated from one another.

THEN… THEY MEET AGAIN, when Danijel spots Ajla at a rape camp, he makes it his mission to protect her.

Although this is a clichéd love story, the dark and tragic honest twists of the brutality of man kind, make this movie a must see. Jolie’s film opens up a new generation to a side of the world with a tragic history that is not taught in school.

A first time writer and director, Jolie birthed a good script based on the lives of the Serbian and Bosnian people she met, while doing research for her film. She also did a great job in her first directorial debut. Having no connection to the Balkan region prior to the shooting of this film, Jolie was able to create a very personal, painful, and real connection to the tragic history of the Serbians.

It is very difficult to take risks and make noise in areas of sensitivity. I have tremendous respect for Jolie for creating such a controversial movie on a topic she had no prior connection to.

I highly recommend this film. However, viewer beware, “In the Land of Blood and Honey” is an incredibly gruesome film showing what goes on in the rape camps and the streets of Bosnia.

It is unknown to when “In the Land of Blood and Honey” will make its debut in Santa Barbara, but as soon as it does, I encourage all to see it!

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Aija Mayrock