Bingeable New Year Netflix Shows

With the New Year, many fan-favorite Netflix shows have left the platform to make room for a new generation of drama. Here are a few of the ones I’ve seen and loved!

Bingeable New Year Netflix Shows

Nafisah Fathima, Web Editor

Beginning with Gossip Girl circa 1813—Bridgerton is everything you wouldn’t expect from Regency London. With a gorgeous and talented cast, there’s drama, scandal, mystery, passion and arguably the most important aspect—romance. The countless beautifully crafted gowns definitely don’t hurt, either. In addition to the wardrobe, the jewelry is a dream! 

I love a good enemies-to-lovers trope and Simon and Daphne don’t disappoint! We see a little glimpse into the upper-class elite and the way they live their lives as well as the social classes set in place that tear relationships apart.

All the women in Bridgerton are strongly independent and often put the sexist, misogynistic men in place. They aren’t victims. 

I really enjoyed how the first season was more a 1a and 1b type so one storyline wasn’t drawn out super long. 

I highly recommend this series and I’m hoping for a season 2!

Next, The Queen’s Gambit will have you going through every emotion possible. Beth Harmon’s life is not easy—by any means—and that proves apparent when she is orphaned as a child and eventually becomes addicted to the tranquilizers her orphanage gives children. Her only escape is chess, which is taught to her by the janitor. And she’s really good—like genius good. 

The season follows Beth through her life until she is an adult. She keeps winning competitions and even meets a few key love interests along the way. Beth’s a feminist and that’s obvious in the way she carries herself and doesn’t let anyone belittle her. 

Her battle with addiction is a constant throughout the series. This show is about a lot of things but her driving force is chess. Even people with no knowledge of chess will be carefully watching their screen anxious for the next move. 

I couldn’t recommend this show more! 

Growing up, I used to be obsessed with the animated show Winx Club so to hear it was being turned into a Netflix show was definitely scary. It could really be a hit or miss. 

Personally, I’m okay with separating, for example, a book and a movie adaptation of the book because as long as they don’t ruin how I feel about the book, they could easily be two separate things. 

Fate: The Winx Saga isn’t what I was expecting but the characters and actors really grow on you. I loved seeing my favorite characters in real people instead of animation. 

Seeing all their powers together would’ve blown my younger self’s mind. 

I’m a little disappointed we didn’t see any wings but who knows—maybe next season!

Watch it! The storyline is good and the friendships and romantic interests make it all worth it. 

Lastly, I finally finished In the Dark which has two seasons ready for streaming. 

Murphy Mason is blind but that doesn’t stop her from getting into loads of trouble with murder, drugs, and love. She’s fierce and independent and will stop at nothing to make sure the people she loves are safe. 

There aren’t enough words to articulate the emotional leaps this series causes—so find out for yourself!

It keeps viewers on their toes and is overall just incredible! 

Hopefully one of these shows becomes the reason for your newest binge-watching sesh!