Eden Wormer

“I love you Daddy, goodnight.” These were the last precious words that Eden Wormer, a 14-year-old girl from Vancouver, Washington would ever say. She killed herself on March 7, a victim of bullying.


Eden was constantly bullied by the girls in her school. She struggled to fit in, and, in a time of deep darkness and vulnerability, she took her own life.


Eden is not the first victim of bullying. A study has recently found that half of the 5,000 teenage suicides a year re due to bullying.


Eden was a beautiful girl with a life full of extraordinary possibilities.


This is a very personal cause for me and one that is very close to my heart. Please join me in the movement to STOP bullying and teenage suicide.

Last year, I wrote a screenplay that won the 10-10-10 competition in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on bullying and teenage suicide. I am determined to create an awareness through the medium I love – filmmaking.


 One voice makes an enormous difference. What if we all joined together to end this atrocity? How many lives could we save?


THINK before you speak. THINK before you do. You never know what is going on inside of another human being.


Take a moment to post this on your Facebook and any other social media site.


Let the world forever remember Eden Wormer.


May Eden Wormer will be the last victim of bullying.