Which Color Represents Your Personality?

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Which Color Represents Your Personality?

Violet Zhou














1.Do you have a cold character?

Yes—go to Question 4

No—go to Q3

Between—go to Q2

2. Which type of weather do you like the most?




3. Do you pay a lot of attention to your appearance?




4. Do you like drinking tea?




5. Are you an exquisite person?




6. Do you like to plan financial management?



It depends—Q9

7. Are you a perfectionist?




8. Do you like to smile?

Yes—Result A



9. Do you cry easily?

Yes—Result D


Between—Result C

10. Which is likely to be the first impression others have about you?

Feel there’s a distance between you and him/her—Result E

Lovely and amiable—Result B

Between both—Result C



A Red

You are the positive red personality. Even when you are facing a depressing situation, you have a positive attitude. In daily life, you are out-going and playful. You have many beautiful expectations for your life and want to achieve them by trying your best. You are not satisfied with becoming a common person, and you are looking for new and exciting adventures.


B Yellow

You are the simple and lovely yellow personality. You are not hyper, but unforgettable. It’s a pleasure to be around you. You are kind and friendly, therefore people always like you. For life, you don’t necessarily plan it very specifically, but you have lots of fun every day.


C Green

You are the VIBRANT green personality!!! People discover your great character after getting familiar with you. You have your own ideas and attitudes toward life, and you are one who is very surefooted and takes life seriously.


D Purple

You are the mysterious purple personality. In the view of others, you have your unique charm but are not easy to get familiar with. You are introverted and don’t care much about the opinions of others.


E Blue

You are the dejected and calm, blue personality. You always keep your thoughts to yourself and share only with people whom you trust well enough; otherwise, you won’t reveal yourself easily. You wish for people to understand you, but you are afraid to get wounded, so you always try to get away from the crowd and take time for yourself.


The original quiz is from YiXinLi “壹心理”, the content is translated by Ziqian/Violet Zhou

The picture is from https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-03-artist-colour.html

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