The Current Situation in Iran

The significance of Mahsa Amini’s tragic death and why people are protesting against their supreme ruler.


Eli Meisel

On September 16, a twenty-two-year-old woman named Mahsa Amini was brutally beaten and killed by the morality police of Iran. The event occurred in Iran’s capital, Tehran, where people marched through the streets in protests. The police showed violence because Amini was not wearing the proper clothing Iran’s government requires of women. The killing enraged many people in Iran because they were enraged by the punishments that came with the harsh laws. Although this isn’t the first time people have rebelled against the government of Iran. In 2009 for example, people argued that the election was rigged, and voter fraud took place. In 2017, people protested against the Iran government for treating the economy poorly. The latest protest since the one after Amini’s death took place in 2019 when the price of fuel increased. Although there have been many protests in the past, many of them were shut down and suppressed by Iran’s police force. This current protest is significant because it is supported by mass groups of people all around the world, not just in Iran. In Berlin, tens of thousands of people marched the streets with both men and women who stood up for Islamic rights.  During the protest back in Iran, some people cut their hair to argue for their right to control how they look, and hijabs were burned because women had enough of being told what to wear. According to the New York Times journalists Vivian Yee and Farnaz Fassihi, people yelled the phrase “death to the dictator” referring to the supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei. Born in 1939, Khamenei is the second supreme leader of Iran. His rule is thought of as cruel and oppressive and moves their country in the opposite way of democracy. Khamenei is the figurehead of what people are protesting for because everyone wants more freedom and rights against his form of government. The death of Amini is important, but what is most significant is that she should not have been arrested in the first place. The reason why so many people have joined these protests is that they want more freedom not just for Amini, but for all women in Iran.