The Research Scholars Program with Harvard Student Agencies

The Research Scholars Program with Harvard Student Agencies

Research Scholars Program

Grades 8th-12th
8 Weeks
Early Application Date
5 November, 2022
[Regular Date: 10 Nov, 2022]
Early Application Fee
USD 750
[Regular Fee: USD 1000]
Application deadline
10 November, 2022

Learn with Leaders is a global education initiative inspiring teenagers to change the way they think, so that they can make more fulfilling career and life decisions.

In this journey, we have collaborated with centres at Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Wharton, and other institutions, and now engage with students from 80+ countries and 1,000+ schools globally.

Our programs and competitions spanning across entrepreneurship, design thinking, leadership, artful thinking, sustainability, MUNs, and finance primarily try to fill the gap that cannot be addressed by our traditional education system.

Across our programs, we try to maintain a commonality of students getting to learn new skills, group project work, and international participation.