California Coastal Clean Up


This coming Saturday, September 17th, is California Coastal Cleanup Day– All the beaches across the state will be hosting a cleanup from 9:00am-12:00.

Laguna will host our table in the ‘traditional’ spot, at the end of Eucalyptus Ln by the stairs down to Miramar beach. We’re encouraging all our families and community to come participate!

Blair Butler and I will be working at the table, but I’m hoping one or two other adults would be available to help out at the table over the course of the morning. Sometimes there’s not much going on, but other moments a lot of people show up at once. It mostly entails helping people fill out waivers, and helping with trash collection and weighing/sorting when people come back from cleaning.  Here’s a quick informal signup so we don’t have too few/too many at any given time.

And of course if committing to a specific time isn’t for you, we’re hoping you’re still able to come help beach clean!

Thanks everyone!

Allison & Blair