stance of the staff

Our passion brings us together. From the love of learning and teaching to self-expression born from creating and performing, it’s essential to find your niche and allow yourself to find solace in expression.

With a global pandemic and a national mental-health epidemic found predominantly in the youth, now, more than ever, we should urge teens to pursue their passions.

Passions encourage confidence and resilience, relieve stress and allow for connections to be made. We can rarely find something so simple that pushes us into experiences and, in some ways, gives us a purpose.

Right now, our country is at an impasse. The pandemic has its grip on many young people’s mental health, and the palpable tension found within the realm of politics is bringing a distance that is hard to bridge.

With so much division and uncertainty, things that bring people closer are rare and necessary.

Though it may feel like a challenge to endeavor on the journey of finding or honing a passion, studies show how truly vital they are in times when stress is practically the default setting.

The articles in our theme section, show how some of our students are taking their passions to the next level and how our staff members understand the idea of self-expression.

By delving deeper into Laguna students’ aspects that aren’t showcased in an academic setting, we hope to show how creative, innovative and genuinely passionate our community can be.