November Stance of the Staff


2022/2023 Staff

It’s been a long couple of years. Who would have thought that before we finish high school we’d have lived through a global pandemic and an attempted coup?

Evidently, we are not done processing what has been going on around us, and it is doubtful that we’re ever going to think COVID was not crazy. There’s a time and a space to reflect about the past. Our government’s failures shouldn’t be overlooked, nor should our emotional response to the events of Jan. 6, but does that have to be the only thing to talk about?

This issue’s theme is Emergence because we’re moving away from the pandemic into the future. Emergence describes the process of coming into being after being hidden, much like ourselves after the pandemic. Instead of letting the world’s major events define us, we want this issue to be representative of our self-navigated growth.

If we localize this phenomenon, we can start to see the ways in which our community has emerged. We have an emerging school spirit–whether that be through spirit at football games or the indoor homecoming that broke attendance records–we have seen ourselves embrace this school and community on a level we haven’t seen before. There was the rejuvenation of the class trips, where each grade took a journey to different corners of California to learn and grow in unique environments.

The freshman class went to Monterey, CA, where they submerged themselves into frigid waters, uncovering the complex eco-systems in tidepools. The sophomore and junior class took a trip to Catalina Island, where they explored the ocean’s depths and gazed into the stars. The senior class traveled to El Capitan State Beach, where they prepared for the next phase of their lives, bonding with teachers and peers.

All of these experiences brought the grades closer together, fostering community as students entered the school year ahead.

We never thought it was possible, but our community has shown how to rebuild post-COVID.

Now, as we move forward in our lives, it’s time for us to embrace growth and find joy. We’re all growing up, and this year, we need to focus on what matters most: having fun and embracing our experiences. We
have so much to look forward for.