How Ski Resorts Are Coping with COVID-19

After months of closures due to COVID-19, the decision to open ski resorts this Winter is a controversial topic for many.

Carson Bohnet, Staff

After months of being closed, ski resorts are re-opening in Europe and in the U.S. which leaves people to ask if it is safe to go skiing this winter due to the ever-climbing coronavirus infection numbers.

France, Germany and Italy have chosen to close mountain resorts until further notice, however, in Austria and Switzerland, a large number of resorts remain open to visitors.

Although people have different opinions on the safety of ski resorts being open, it is up to the individual resorts to take the safety precautions put in place by the mountain resort owners.

Countries are considering opening resorts due to the massive debt from closures. For instance, resorts in Austria would lose $2.4 billion if they remain closed.

Financial considerations aside, another purpose of opening resorts is to ensure a sense of normalcy for regular skiers in safely continuing their normal winter activities, and to retain their mental health and well-being to help balance the stress caused by the pandemic.

Resorts are advertising safety and re-quiring face masks and social distancing on and off the mountain.

“I was really impressed with the COVID measures and safety regulations enforced by mountain workers while skiing in Sun Valley, Idaho,” said freshman James Couvillion.

Resorts that are open for the season must put strict safety guidelines in place. Mammoth Mountain asks guests to wear masks while in lines and while inside all facilities.

Resort owners are enforcing rules to limit congregation in common areas, as well as increasing sanitation procedures in common areas.

Retail stores at most resorts and at Mammoth will be open at 20% capacity, and guests will be asked to spend limited time in lodges.

It is reassuring news for people wary about visiting ski resorts at this time to hear that safety protocols are being upheld at ski mountains. This news can bring optimism for the future for skiers who have chosen not to partake in the sport this season.