Professional Sports Safety during Covid-19


Carson Bohnet, Staff

Since the beginning of the coronavirus quarantine began, many businesses, organizations, and sports seasons had been canceled. Now, most sports are back in season and are doing so in safe ways. Some of the ways that professional sports are keeping people safe are by mandating mask usage, doing regular covid tests for players, and keeping players in a “bubble”. The “bubble” is a location where the players aren’t allowed to leave and have to stay for a set amount of time. With sports reopening, many people speculated that the coronavirus could spread out of control, but by following the CDC guidelines, the majority of people have stayed safe. Sports organizations had been planning for many months the ways in which they could reopen safely, and so far everything has gone well. 

The MLB accustomed to covid-19 by making big changes throughout the league. First, no fans would be allowed into the ballpark, and players would get regular covid tests. They also had a shorter season, so that they would still finish in October as usual. Although the regular season did not have a “bubble”, there is one for the teams in the postseason to minimize exposure to the coronavirus. Another sport that has made safety measures to protect the health of people in the organization would be the NBA. Professional basketball went along with the idea of no fans in attendance and created a “bubble” in Orlando Florida. An interesting thing that the NBA did was hosting zoom calls that fans would sign up for so that they could watch the game and be on TV. Professional football and tennis each have decided to allow minimal fans to attend games, but haven’t created a “bubble” for players to stay in. 

All in all, professional sports organizations have executed many safety protocols and have put in countless hours of work to design a plan that would keep everyone involved safe. Very few professional athlete covid cases have been accounted for, which shows that when people come together and devise a plan, we can stop the coronavirus.