Super Bowl LIV

Christian Branch, Sports Co-Editor

With the 49ers and the Chiefs going head to head in Super Bowl LIV this Sunday, fans are ecstatic to see a fresh set of teams competing for the Lombardi trophy. With the Patriots out, and the 49ers, who went 4-12 last season, in, it is safe to say the Super Bowl is set to be a good one. Patrick Mahomes versus a product of New England, Jimmy Garropolo. A storming George Kittle versus a hungry Travis Kelce.

What most people thought would be the best regular season offense versus the best regular season defense in the Super Bowl, proved to be another example of how anything can happen in the NFL playoffs. While the Baltimore Ravens steamrolled through the regular season and easily secured the number one seed, their momentum came to a halt in the divisional round when Derrick Henry and the Tennessee Titans shut down every part of Baltiomore’s game. However, that same team that put an end to the Ravens’ magical season was dominated in the AFC Championship by the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes threw for 294 yards and three touchdowns in the Chiefs win. That same day on the opposing side of the playoff bracket, the Niners looked outstanding in their win against the Green Bay Packers. Raheem Mostert ran for 220 yards and four touchdowns in what did not feel like a championship game due to San Francisco’s shut-down performance.

The key for Kansas City this Sunday will be getting of to a strong start. They have had to comeback from significant deficits in both games these playoffs. Although they have proven that they can handle the task of fighting from behind, the Super Bowl is no place you want to find yourself down big, especially against a strong defensive team in San Francisco. As for the 49ers, shutting down the Patrick Mahomes-Tyreek Hill connection will be key, as they are as explosive a duo as we’ve ever seen in the NFL. That being said, there is no doubt in America’s mind that this will be a Super Bowl to remember.